A Message from the OddCake Crew…

From 2009-2015, OddCake was one of the most prestigious Electronic Dance Party party production Companies in Philadelphia. We hosted events of epic proportions, and changed lives forever by spreading love through our events. Our former art collective, DJ Collective, in-house musician collective, event services crew, talent agents, and group of best friends, was collectively known as the OddCake Crew. Unfortunately, life has changed quite a bit since the beginning of OddCake, and we made a formal decision to close our event services company before we “burned out and got stale”, according to Dan Ran, the Founder of the OddCake super crew.

“Goodnight Sweet Prince..”

— Tim H. aka BeeTee Beats

…but we will always have the memories and Photos that we created for ever. So enjoy this site dedicated to archiving events put on by the OddCake Crew, and maybe, one day, we will come back out of the woodwork to throw some more parties.

We reached Legend, we attained a legacy, we spread our love, we created everlasting memories, and we shared our Cake with the world! I’d Say, OddCake was a success.

— Dan Ran (President and Founder of OddCake, LLC.)

Until that day, you can still experience a legacy taste of OddCake through an ongoing sister project called Left Rite Philadelphia; a DJ and events collective put on by some of the former management/DJ’s of the OddCake Crew. For now, so long and enjoy the archive!

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