OddCake and Spacecamp Present Planet Cake

OddCake and Spacecamp Present Planet Cake @ KungFu Necktie Philadelphia

OddCake & Space Camp Present: Planet Cake
-An Intergalactic Cake and Outer Space themed Party-

Jan. 24th, 2014
@ Kungfu Necktie (1250 N. Front St. Phila)
Ticket info coming soon


Rod Gnarley // Pyrophilia

Elixir // Space Pirates/Disorient

Whiskey T. Fox // Echo

Alex The Great // OddCake


Full Lighting & Special FX // by OddCake
Full Deco & Interactive events // by Space Camp
Crafts Station // by Oddcake & Space Camp
Themed Costumes get entry into Prize Raffle
Body and Face Painting // by Rhae Soleil and Tina Inky

Space Camp is a PA-based art collective (with members in Philadelphia, Baltimore, DE & NJ) that annually plants foot at Delaware’s Burning Man-based festival, Playa Del Fuego, bringing intergalactically-inspired art installations, music, and fun as a theme camp!

OddCake is a transformational experience in moving forward with self, and self progress! OddCake a Philly Based neutral, non-political party, geared towards self expression and community support in the Arts, Nightlife Events, and most importantly, DANCING! OddCake is made up of a collective of “better than the industry” DJ’s, artists, and friends, who participate in and/or develop Burning Man based events and theme camps, Local Community events, Muggle events, and provide general support to strengthen your overall experience in the journey of LIFE! We don’t care if you like eating wearing clown shoes to bed or if you like dancing in your diaper thong while drinking virgin tear vodka. All we care is that you bring the positive vibes that encompass an Oddcake party. Oddcake, we aren’t just a party. We are a

Official Photos/Videos below:

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